Due to seasonal demand, blanket orders placed now will not be available until the new year!

About Us

Originally, Fairfield Woollens (also known as Fairfield & Sons) was a company started by my great grandfather, Hugh Clark Fairfield. People would collect their old woollens and send them in, where they would be recycled and given new life in the form of blankets, socks and other woollen goods.

When I graduated from Queens University in '87 I decided to follow in the footsteps of my great grandfather and started making and selling hand-knit Icelandic sweaters using the family name.

This pursuit eventually took a backseat to raising my family; however, during the pandemic I (like many others) found I had time on my hands to begin to rediscover old passions.

What originally started as making cabin blankets for my family grew into the idea to create a blanket with school colours, for people heading off to university. The rest of the products you see today grew out of my experimenting with other textures.

I hope you enjoy these hand-crafted woollen goods and feel free to reach out if you have any special requests.

- Bobbi